Member station HRT
Delegation Nicky
Appearances 1
First appearance First
Last appearance Still participate
Best Result 10th
Worst Result 10th

Croatia is the first country ever, who participates in Eastern European Song Contest. Croatia is also the hosting the first contest. The delegation of Croatia is Nicky, who is one of main admins in the contest.

History of Croatia in Eastern European Song ContestEdit

Croatia participated in EESC since the first contest. In the first contest, they placed only 10th, despite being one of favorites by fans. In the semi final, Croatia placed better, they placed 3rd, with 3 twelve points from Ukraine, Austria and Czech Republic.

The DelegationEdit

"Hello lovely people ! :3 Probably many people know who i am, but for these who don't know - i'm Nicky. I'm 14 years old boy, birth and live in the beautiful city of Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. I watch and love Eurovision, since 2007, when i was 7 years old. Eurovision is very important for me - from here i start to listen the world music, i started new friendships, because of Eurovision i found my love :3 At the moment i'm student in 7th grade and i learn in school in my city. My hobbies are singing, dancing, playing volleybal, running, playing football with friends, listening music.  That's a small description about me and I have to say I'm really glad that I have the opportunity to organize this contest." 


Edition Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
1 Lines & Colours English "Beautiful Addiction" 10 80 3 80
2 Helene Fischer German "Atemlos durch die nacht"

Voting HistoryEdit

As of 2013, Croatia's voting history is as follows:

Most points given in the grand finals only
Rank Country Points
1 Slovenia 12
2 Bosnia and Herzegovina 10
3 Albania 8
4 Romania 7
5 Ukraine 6
Most points received in the grand finals only
Rank Country Points
1 Ukraine 10
2 Austria 10
3 Russia 8
4 Czech Republc 7
5 Poland 5
Most points given in the semi finals only
Rank Country Points
1 Bosnia and Herzegovina 12
2 Ukraine 10
3 Vatican City 8
4 Italy 7
5 Liechtenstein 6
Most points received in the semi finals only
Rank Country Points
1 Ukraine 12
2 Austria 12
3 Czech Republic 12
4 Slovakia 10
5 Italy 7